Customs clearance services for import and export goods

Customs clearance services for import and export goods

Customs clearance services for import and export goods

Customs procedures for each item of export or import have particular characteristics and can not be applied in all countries. For a shipment, if the preparation of the voucher is not careful and inaccurate as well as any errors in the declaration process can lead to delays, even delayed delivery. At the same time, it delays the whole production line of a plant or a distribution system of a corporation.

Consequently, accurate, fast and efficient customs clearance is extremely important in the production and circulation of goods. Understanding the difficulties as well as the importance of the customs declaration as mentioned above, 5s Logistics has devoted all its efforts to recruiting and training experienced customs officers and tax officials to handle the steps of clearing goods for customers.

When coming to 5s Logistics, customers will be advised solutions for the fastest, safest shipment strictly comply with the current Vietnamese law as well as international conventions. We have a deep understanding of local government regulations and policies and ensure that goods flow through the border and delivery deadlines are met on time.

In addition, with its extensive experience and extensive relationships, 5s Logistics is confident to meet the highest standards of customer satisfaction in a fast complete manner. When you come to us, your goods will be cleared smoothly and safely with appropriate solutions and fully comply strictly with the current laws of Vietnam as well as international conventions. Based on a deep understanding of government regulations and policies.

Come to 5s Logistics, customers will be free consultation with full process and paperwork for export and import forms, HS codes, and the tax incentives best suited to each item.

Then, 5s Logistics employees will provide the following services and operations:

  • Prepare application file
  • Apply the best tax code suitable for each item
  • Apply for conditional goods
  • Check tax information
  • Full consultation before clearance
  • Declaration of distance and electronic customs.
  • Payment of customs dossier sets.

When using 5s Logistics Customs Clearance Services, we will:

On behalf of importers and exporters to ensure that the goods are cleared quickly and efficiently.

On behalf of clients preparing the import and export documents in accordance with customs and law.

Providing consultancy services on goods, tax and tax rates, goods limited import and export, exchange rates, types of customs procedures, letters of credit, insurance requirements, domestic and international transportation and regulation of transportation and tariffs …

On behalf of customers pay taxes, warehousing, other expenses to release goods.

In addition, 5s Logistics also offers consulting services and quality claims for food items, cosmetics … import and quarantine of plants and animals for export to support customer package when the procedure import and export through our company.

With a well-trained and experienced staff, 365 Express can provide customs clearance services for a wide variety of goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, household products, electronics, cosmetics, garments, machinery, …

We will rely on the nature of customer activity, products, features, and other relevant information through our experience and expertise to help customers develop a fast and efficient customs clearance program. The company has a staff of customs procedures of high quality, professional qualifications, sincere attitude of service and customer consultation

To register for 5s Logistics service or to find out more details of our services, you can contact us as below:

  • Address: 43 Nguyen Huu Tho, Phuoc Kien Ward, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: (+028) 
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  • Hotline: 0929909399
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