Customs Clearance Service for Fresh Seafood

Customs Clearance Service for Fresh Seafood ( Dịch vụ thông quan Hải sản tươi sống )

Import of seafood products is always a difficult problem for businesses. Because in addition to looking for quality seafood from abroad, businesses must also ensure that the transportation must go smoothly on time to ensure the best quality seafood. Different from ordinary products, Customs clearance service for fresh seafood has quite complicated customs procedures. This item is in the sensitive category that directly affects consumers’ health and is subject to the control of the quarantine department.
Customs Clearance Service for Fresh Seafood ( Dịch vụ thông quan Hải sản tươi sống )

Process of implementing customs declaration of seafood

Step 1: Prepare document for animal quarantine registration

Quarantine registration form under the form 3 of Circular 06/2010 / TT-BNNPTN, depending on the case the customs may request under the form 2 of this Circular

Quarantine registration form under the form 3 in vietnam

Step 2: Check and prepare import documents

After obtaining the import permit, quarantine permit. Checking and correcting documents, preparing customs documents including: Contract, Invoice, packing list, Bill, Notification of incoming goods, C / O …

Step 3: Customs declaration on vnaccs software

Carry out customs clearance procedures, arrange delivery time to the warehouse.

Our Customs Clearance Services Included

Regular cargo which we usually handle for customs declaration

+ Specialize in customs declaration of fresh food and seafood products – We are the main partner for 2 big sushi brands in HCM

+ Specialize in customs declaration for specialized equipment groups: Medical equipment, industrial equipment, aviation and defense equipment, color printer equipment, printing industry

+ Specialized in customs declaration of used machinery groups: Industrial and civil machines, excavator, excavator, iron, lathe, milling machine …

+ Specialized customs declaration group of aquatic food products, animal feed, poultry safety

+ Specialize in customs declaration for groups of fertilizers and plant protection drugs

Customs clearance service we handling

» Handling customs clearance for import/export from/to Vietnam

» Handling customs clearance at all main port (Catlai port, Danang port, Haiphong port) Airport (Tansonnhat airport), NoiBai Airport, Danang Airport)….And all other customs clearance officers

» Doing consultant for handling customs clearance for all commodities

» Advising all papers, procedures to Import/Export

» Asking C.O of all form : A, B, E, D, AK, Aj….

» Stuffing cargo at warehouse or at port

» Loading, Unloading cargo, Rigging at warehouse

» Lashing cargo…

Customs clearance type of export /importing

+ Commercial, non-commercial

+ Express service, processing, investment….

+ Individuals and international students

+ Cross border, transit, tax-free investment goods

+ Port transfer and border gate transfer in Cambodia

+ In country, import and export into industrial zones, tax exemption…

Consulting and asking import and export permits and disclosure of imported items

1/ Apply for a permit to import medical equipment,  cosmetics

2/ Food – Meat – fish: Import Permit approval,  seafood, sugar, confectionery, products from vegetables, ….

3/ Apply for a chemical import license

4/ Applying for a license to import printers, importing machines that have been in use for 10 years

5/ Apply for a license to import specialized equipment

6/ Apply for import license for breeds and livestock

Customs clearance service guarantee

+ Fast delivery time is always as committed: 1 day to complete customs declaration and delivery

+ Forwarding and shipping costs are 30% lower than market prices

+ Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and professional staffs, dedicated consultants on documents, procedures, applying HS code …

+ Absolutely secure information about goods and customers

+ Responsible for compensating 100% of damage to customers if there is a delay or loss of goods

5s Logistics Company Contact

+ Offices and branches: HCM, Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Hai Phong and Danang port
+ The best Customs Branch: HCM ports (Cat Lai, ICD, Vict …, Industrial parks: Hi-tech Park, Tan Thuan EPZ …), Customs Branches in Dong Nai Industrial Park (Bien Hoa, Amata, Long Duc …) and Customs at Hai Phong Port.
+ Capacity of declaration and delivery: 2000 – 4000 declarations / month
+ Transport vehicle fleet and cargo transit: Small trucks (1.5 -5 tons): 8 units; Container truck: 5 units, Crane truck and cargo lift: 4 units.

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