You need to clear goods in Vietnam ? Here we are ! Check first this page to learn more about the process. Then contact us to get your goods released !

You plan to import products (or even personal effects) in Vietnam ? Then your goods must pass by the customs ! This is a mandatory step to import things into the country (and it is the same worldwide basically).

In this page we will check in details the whole process to import goods into the country. We will also have a quick look on norms and compliance in Vietnam.

Finally, Note that we provide such services so feel free to contact us if you plan to ship something to Vietnam !

Regulations and customs in Vietnam

Customs classification

The classification of imported and exported goods is based on:

  • The Vietnamese classification list of imported and exported goods; the nomenclature of preferential import tariffs; the export tariff tariff nomenclature;
  • Six (6) general HS Convention rules;
  • The mandatory explanatory notes to the HS Convention;
  • Make references to the additional explanatory notes to the harmonized tariff nomenclature and detailed explanatory notes to the harmonized system of description and coding of goods (HS).

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