Import Clearance

The customs & central excise tariff policy covers virtually any item imported into India under 98 Chapters with numerous headings, The headings are 8 digit nos. as per international norms & each heading attracts a different rate of duty. In addition to this, the government issues notifications from time to time, offering concessions on the same with respect to certain class of goods which it deems necessary for various reasons. Most Importers will eventually discover that one small oversight can bring a multi-million dollar shipment to a dead halt, jeopardizing a customer which could potentially be the future of their company. It is therefore imperative that the custom broker has clear understanding of the same in order to guide the clients on the best alternatives available to them. We are keeping a close & constant touch with key personnel in the customs house, always ensures that the company is up-to-date on such changes to enhance the quality of services and differentiate ourselves from others. Also we at Classy provide customers with periodic stage-wise reports, DSRs, tailored specifically to suite their requirements.
It is important that you are confident that your shipments are being handled by Experienced Professionals. At Classy Cargocare, we employ only the most knowledgeable and experienced people, to ensure that your goods are delivered or received with the highest level of professionalism.
We specialize in building custom, dedicated shipping pipelines for our clients by maintaining an extensive network of experienced and professional agents, offices and business partners. We have years of experience providing flawless service to clients that will only accept the best. Contact us and see what options we can provide that may make the most demanding customer into your best customer.

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